Step by Step Guide to OVERSEEDING (Better looking lawn FAST)

Step by Step Guide to OVERSEEDING (Better looking lawn FAST)

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One of the best things you can do to make your lawn look better is overseeding. This is going to make the grass thicker, more uniform in color and appearance, and help to crowd out weeds. Please find any links to products mentioned in the video below.

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All products used on my lawn can be found here:

Sanctuary (what I now use to feed my lawn):
Scott's starter fertilizer with weed preventer:
Mesotrione (liquid seeding pre emergent, same as tenacity mentioned in the video):®
The grass seed I use in my lawn:
My favorite sprinkler:
Granular starter fertilizer:™-granular-lawn-fertilizer

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The Grass seed I have in my lawn:
Products I use on my lawn:
Lawn Star Products
LawnStar Humic Acid -
LawnStar Liquid Iron -
FlowZone sprayers:
MySoil test kit:
N-EXT Bio Stimulant Pack -
Carbon Earth fertilizers (CarbonX and XGN..)
Hydretain -

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