Low Cost Backyard Ideas

Low Cost Backyard Ideas

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February 1, 2023
Landscape Design
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Low Cost Backyard Ideas


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Hello everybody - Micah Outdoor Living Guy with some low-cost options for the backyard.

1) String Lights: string lights are low cost, and they are very attractive. They light up your space adding distinction to your entire outdoor area. A low-cost option adding loads of value.

2) Simple Fire Pit: another low-cost backyard idea is a simple fire pit. You might think that's a bit expensive, but this is something you can do yourself very easily. A wood burning fire pit with brick from a local hardware store - build the base - fill the walls.

3) Backyard Movie Theatres: a low-cost backyard idea is an outdoor movie theater. No, it does not cost that much to create a DYI. I think I spent like $30 for my screen and then a simple projector – there are many different price points.

4) Water Features: another low-cost option for a backyard idea is a water feature. You can go very cost effective with these do-it-yourself projects. A flowerpot turns into a beautiful bubbler or you could do more of a meandering water feature.

5) Wood Retaining Wall: Using wood to retain the property can be a cost-effective option instead of building it out of concrete or concrete block. or some of the other material that he could have cost option for

6) Dry Creek Beds: are cool features – they are basically River Rock which you can buy in bulk at an inexpensive price point. They create a nice destination of the nice but also do a phenomenal job of handling drainage.

7) Gravel Patio: on a budget - use gravel as a patio. You can do this in a way that makes it look like it was stylistically what you chose instead of a low-cost option.

8) Hammocks: Create a little destination using a hammock.

9) Privacy Screens: Privacy is a huge concern for many people and there are many low-cost options.

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