I Told Her To "Pass The $20 TIP Along" After Giving Them A FREE Lawn Makeover

I Told Her To "Pass The $20 TIP Along" After Giving Them A FREE Lawn Makeover

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May 24, 2023
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I was driving through my neighborhood and noticed that this yard was overdue for a mowing. The edges definitally needed some love and the grass was getting tall. i knocked on the homeowner's door and a kind gentleman answered. I asked if he'd like a free mow and he said sure have at it. So I drove back home, got my equipment, and came to service the property. I started by trimming the perimeter of the proeprty and fence lines. I then proceeded to mow the grass using a commercial mower and I bagged the clippings to give the property a much cleaner look (that's what I prefer).

The edges out front needed a serious makeover since it looks like they haven't been edged with a blade for the longest time. I went over the edges around 4-5 times to really create that 90 degree square look. Before I started blowing, the homeowner came out and asked if i'd come inside for a minute before I was finished. After blowing off the property, I knocked and was asked to step in for a second. They thanked me for my service and asked if i'd like to take on the property on a bi-weekly basis.

Unfortunatly, I don't have any more room in my schedule for re-occuring work as I am trying to help y community out full-time. She understood and tried to tip me $20 for helping them out. I told them to pass the tip along to the next person they see needs it because I know that someone out there needs it more than I do.I hope you enjoy today's video. Have an amazing week and God bless you.

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