Year-Round Timing for Cool Season Lawn Care: Seasonal Tips and Schedule |

Year-Round Timing for Cool Season Lawn Care: Seasonal Tips and Schedule |

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What should your cool season lawn care calendar should look like? Learn how to keep your lawn beautiful year-round with this cool season lawn care schedule video.

For the folks just getting started, we hope this is a clear way to lay out what you should do at what time. For our lawn care experts that have been doing this for years, this is a refresher that will serve as a reference for your lawn care calendar.

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Some states with cool season grasses include New York, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Utah, and more. Some common cool season grass types include Fine Fescue, Tall Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass, Annual ryegrass, and more.

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0:17 Where do cool season grasses grow?
0:24 Common types of cool season grass
0:30 Southern Regions: Spring Pre-Emergents (Feb-May)
0:49 Post-emergents (Feb-Nov)
1:08 Spring synthetic fertilizers (March-May)
1:17 Insecticides & grub prevention (Mar-Apr)
1:33 Fungicides (May-Aug)
1:58 Organic fertilizers (June-Aug)
2:20 Mowing (Mar-Nov)
2:34 Watering (Mar-Nov)
2:51 Dethatching (Mar-May, Aug-Oct)
3:05 Adjust pH (May-Aug)
3:10 Soil testing (Mar-Apr, Aug-Oct)
3:20 Aeration and over-seeding (Aug-Oct)
3:37 Fall pre-emergents (Aug-Nov)
3:50 Fall synthetic fertilizers (Sept-Oct)