Can You Grow Grass Without Covering The Seed

Can You Grow Grass Without Covering The Seed

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April 24, 2024
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I tested whether or not uncovered grass seed can grow a new lawn this Spring. I did this because I get questions all the time about grass seed germinating if it's just placed on the ground on bar dirt.

In previous years I tested this out in a controlled environment but this year I decided to test it out in the hardest of conditions a 1000 square foot spring lawn at high elevation.

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You can see my entire lawn kill and renovation series on this lawn which I'm dubbing Phil's Lawn in the following playlist:

The next video in this series has to do with the tips, tricks, and techniques that go into mowing new grass from seed. That video can be found here:

If you are thinking about trying to grow grass from seed over a full lawn then you should understand how much more difficult it is when you opt to leave the seed uncovered. Every time I've grown grass before this and likely every time I'll do this in the future I'll be covering the seed up with a top-dressing of some kind.

I recommend you cover yours even if it costs a bit more money than you'd like to spend; it will save you lots of time and work and your results will be much better and consistent.

See the following video on how to fully prepare a seedbed for seed, spread the seed, and topdress it for the best germination possible:

If you plan on spreading peat moss on top of the seed then consider getting a peat moss spreader. Yes, it's a one-trick pony but it's probably going to save you money in the long run by limiting your loss of seed during the germination stages.

One good low-priced peat moss spreader is the Walensee spreader which can be found here:

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