How to Fix a Bare Spot in the Lawn - 3 Tips for Fast Repair

How to Fix a Bare Spot in the Lawn - 3 Tips for Fast Repair

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Learn how to fix a bare spot in the lawn with simple tips. There are many causes to have a bald spot in the lawn. It make be from dog pee, chemical spill, drought damage, or fungus. Understanding the cause can be helpful in learning how to repair the problem. I demonstrate a few techniques that can be used without seeding. Seeding may be the best option for certain grass types in certain types of the year. I demonstrate adding topsoil to the bare area which will allow the grass to have loose soil to encourage rooting. I then use a Pro Plugger (affiliate link) to put grass plugs into the bare area. I also fertilizer the grass to help it spread quicker. Then I use a growth regulator which can encourage lateral spreading and deeper root growth.

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