How to get a THICK lawn from start to finish | Everything you need to do

How to get a THICK lawn from start to finish | Everything you need to do

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HOW TO GET A THICK LAWN from start to finish | Everything you need to do
We will be overseeding the lawn with a high-quality grass seed mixture that will thicken up the lawn.
I will show you step by step every you need to do to do a project like this yourself DIY. These are tried and tested methods that work and will help you get the perfect lawn.

00:00 intro
00:13 Things to consider before you start
00:20 Mowing advice
00:46 The first step
01:18 Aeration
03:20 How to create a seedbed
05:19 The grass seed we are using
06:21 How to spread grass seed evenly on your lawn
08:21 How to get good contact with the soil and the seed
09:16 How to care for a lawn that has been overseeded
09:42 How to feed your new grass seed

How to aerate your lawn without expensive tools | beginner DIY lawn care tips that work

The video that shows how to make a DIY drag mat

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