HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR LAWN THIS AUTUMN //Autumn lawn fertilizer // Cutting heights

HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR LAWN THIS AUTUMN //Autumn lawn fertilizer // Cutting heights

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If you want to know how to get the most out of your lawn this Autumn, follow these tried and tested tips for getting the best out of your lawn.
I will be covering why it's important to keep the leaves off the lawn, edging the lawn, how to stop worm casts from damaging your lawn, What height should you cut your lawn in the winter, the best autumn lawn fertilizer

00:00 intro
00:12 The most important task in the Autumn
00:34 How to look after the edges around your lawn
01:00 How to stop wormcasts on your lawn
03:25 Why it is important to raise your height of cut over the Autumn
04:31 Cutting the grass
05:47 Bonus tip
06:30 How to feed your lawn over winter

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