How to do Maintenance on Lawn Mowers

How to do Maintenance on Lawn Mowers

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Keeping your lawn looking nice and trim is all dependent on the effectiveness of your lawnmower. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to make sure your lawnmower is ready for action:

Air Flow is Key. There’s a reason your lawnmower has an air filter. It prevents debris from entering into the mower. However, over time the filter itself will get clogged after capturing all those particles and it will diminish the performance of your mower. Each season you should consider replacing it with a new filter to keep things fresh.

Keep the Spark Alive. Spark plugs are another spot to check, in particular, if they look worn or show signs of overheating. Better to replace them every season or every other season to be sure.

Sharp is Smart. The blade is probably the most important element to a high-performing lawnmower. If the blade is too dull, it will literally rip at the grass blades rather than cutting them cleanly which is not good for your lawn health. You can either sharpen the blade on your own or have it serviced at a local hardware store. You may even want to do this twice a season.

How’s your Oil? Four-stroke engines like that in your lawnmower have separate tanks for fuel and oil. And just like with your car, it’s important to make sure you have enough oil to lubricate the engine properly and you’re actually changing the oil on a regular basis.

TLC. When you’re done with your mower, be sure to keep it clean of grass clippings so it’s ready for the next time.

CAUTION: Before doing any work on your lawnmower, be sure to disconnect the spark plug. Safety first!

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