5 Fall Lawn Care Tips To Do Right Now

5 Fall Lawn Care Tips To Do Right Now

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With a bit of work this fall, you'll set yourself up for a lush, beautiful lawn next spring! Summer can be tough on lawns – if you're looking at dry, brown grass and patchy spots, don't despair. Grass will often go dormant in hot, dry conditions to protect itself. As the temperature cools and the rain returns, it will green up! Follow these lawn care tips for fall, and you'll be rewarded next spring with lush, green grass.

Test for soil compaction - If your lawn feels more like concrete underfoot than a plush carpet, it's time to aerate. Aeration removes small plugs of grass to give the roots breathing room and help them absorb water and needed nutrients. You can rent or buy or rent the equipment or hire a company to do this job for you. Once a season usually is sufficient unless you have severely compacted clay-based soil.
Top dress and overseed.

Overseeding is the secret to lush, full lawns! Thick grass means fewer weeds. Early fall is the perfect time for seeding grass – the temperature is dropping, the soil is still warm, and you have a good chance of rain. Use top-quality soil, a mixed grass seed, and a fall fertilizer for the best results. Try an all-in-one product like Scotts EZ Seed for smaller patches.

Fertilize your lawn this fall to ensure it has nutrients through the winter to minimize damage and give it a strong start in the spring. Look for a high-nitrogen fertilizer designed for fall, like Scotts Turf Builder Fall Lawn Food. Use a spreader to ensure even application, and be sure to fill it on the patio or a driveway to avoid spilling on the grass - too much in one spot will burn. Give the grass a good watering after application to help the fertilizer move down to the roots. And be sure to sweep up any extra so nothing washes away into local waterways.
Give at least 1” of water per week.

If we are having a rainy fall and consistent precipitation isn't in the forecast, feel free to pack up the hose! But if conditions are dry, continue to water your lawn regularly until the snow flies or temperatures drop. Once we're below zero, turn off your outside water pipes so they don't freeze.
Rake those leaves.

While the kids may enjoy jumping into the big leaf pile, thick matted leaves aren’t healthy for your grass. They block out sun and oxygen and can kill your lawn. Be sure to get out there and clear your grass regularly when the leaves are falling.
With these fall lawn care tips, you can tuck your grass in for the winter and set it up for a healthy spring!

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